A select list of significant ascents.


The indirect american.

Mt Macdonald, alberta, canada.

(WI 4+, M7, 1000m)

From November 11th to 13th, 2018 Chris Wright (USA/UK) and Graham Zimmerman (USA/NZ) made the first ascent of a long, difficult mixed route on the North Face of Mount MacDonald at Roger’s Pass in British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains.


Southwest Ridge

K6 West (7040m), Pakistani Karakoram

(M6, 90 degrees, 1800m)

This new route, opened during the 2015 season by Graham and his partner Scott Bennett was the culmination of an excellent trip to the Pakistan Karakoram during which they also made the first ascent of Changi Tower via its North Ridge with Steve Swenson.

For this ascent of K6 West, Bennett and Zimmerman were awarded the American Alpine Club’s Cutting Edge Award for Excellence in Alpinism.


East Face

Mt Laurens, Alaska

(AI4 M7 A1, 1400m)

Allen and Zimmerman were recognized as top 4 Piolet d’Or finalists for their 2013 ascent of Mount Laurens (3,052m) in the Alaska Range. This remote 10,042 peak was a two-day glacial ski from a pioneered glacial landing strip the Ramparts by the renowned bush pilot and climber Paul Roderick. The two were likely the first to visit the southwest fork of the Lacuna Glacier, from which they made two attempts on the direct East Buttress and finally succeed and climbed the northeast buttress in a 67-hour round trip push.