Since 2010, Graham has been working as an Athlete Ambassador in the Outdoor Industry. He is proud to work with companies that are making some of the highest quality alpine climbing equipment in the world.

Based in Seattle, WA, Outdoor Research has been making high-end outdoor equipment since 1981. Today more than ever they are designing and manufacturing apparel that allows Graham and his partners to push harder for longer in the big hills of the world. 

The Swiss are known the world over for their attention to detail. Exped applies this same philosophy towards expedition equipment, making backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and mats that are meticulously designed and beautifully manufactured. 

Simply stated, Petzl makes the best climbing equipment on the market. From carabiners with flawless action to ice picks that hold up to miles of abuse in the alpine, if Petzl makes it, it's worth getting your hands on. 

High-quality Italian boots made for crushing in the vertical. Whether it's high alpine boots or rock shoes, Scarpa makes an excellent product designed for the cutting edge. 

Shades designed for moving fast in the alpine. With high quality lenses and great looking durable frames by Julbo, I spend more time climbing and less time fussing with eyewear.

Graham Zimmerman Sponsor - Trail Butter Logo

In the hills, nutrition is of utmost importance. Trail Butter is a delicious, well-balanced fuel that is easy to eat perfect for endurance events in the mountains and on the trails. 

Compression wear has come be a huge part of Graham's climbing, both in training and in execution. It allows him to recover faster and push harder. CW-X, with its unique combination of compression and support, is the best product he's found. It is well-made and perfectly cut for athletes.